Better Writing for a Distracted World

In a digitally-paced, data-driven world, where fractured attention spans and distraction are the order of the day…

Does good writing matter?

Actually, now more than ever.

Focused, engaging writing can cut through the distraction and the digital noise.  Clear, precise writing helps us think, solve problems, describe new discoveries, execute plans, and influence how the world sees us. This kind of focused writing can reduce cognitive overload, save time, and reduce workloads—as well as improve compliance and efficiency.

Clear, persuasive writing can help us educate and engage both professional and lay audiences, gain the confidence of internal and external readers, and win customers and contracts.

9 Ways That Better Writing Helps You And Your Company Profit


Reader-friendly education and training materials help audiences better understand your products and services.


Patient education materials written in plain language improve health literacy.


Targeted, compelling marketing communications help you improve your image and stand out amidst the competition.


Clear, persuasive journal articles, poster presentations, NDA/BLA submissions, protocols, clinical study reports, and responses to FDA all move your drug to market faster.


Improved deviation investigations that get to root cause help you reduce costly deviations, create better CAPA, improve efficiency, and reduce cycle time.


Better writing improves critical thinking, which strengthens skills in problem solving.


Better writing reduces the workload of reviewers as fewer documents have to make repeated trips back and forth during the review process.


Reviewers who are taught criteria for better writing can effectively mentor writers, thus reducing training budgets.


Better skills in writing and critical thinking improve visibility and career success–for entrepreneurs and employees alike.

Working Words improves skills in writing and critical thinking and delivers clear, persuasive communications.

We provide a variety of services to improve communication in business. We achieve this goal by designing and delivering highly customized training programs that teach critical thinking as well as writing. Or, by creating clear, compelling communications for our clients—either for publication, marketing or advertising, or as part of a training effort.

Simply stated, we specialize in helping clients write better, think better, present themselves more effectively, and solve problems accurately and efficiently.

I had the opportunity to take Technical Report Writing (Working Words course) years ago when I was a Wyeth Pharmaceuticals employee. Looking back on my career (including 26 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing), this was the best course that I have ever taken up to now.

This course focused on technical report writing, but the skills learned positively impact all writing and other forms of communication. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Working Words, Inc.

Tom Wilder, North Carolina Department of Labor


  • Reductions in time and money spent
  • Greater operating efficiency
  • More effective managers and employees

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