Scientific and Technical Writing Training

Getting the Thinking on the Page

Whether it’s a technical report or a scientific journal article or regulatory submission, the challenge is the same: to turn data into meaningful analysis and clear narrative.  Without this transformation, technical and scientific documents often result in reader confusion, which leads to reader misinterpretation or tuning out.

We teach writers how to forge a clear path through a thicket of data and bring clear thinking into the light. We apply our knowledge and insight to help writers improve the clarity of technical reports, journal articlesprotocols, informed consents, clinical study reports, submissions, and other documents that require precision, accuracy, and focus.

With our help, writers learn to create documents that are readable and unambiguous, and written so clearly that they can be understood by wide and disparate global audiences, including readers of journals, regulatory agencies, sponsors, readers at study sites, and physicians.

We also provide extensive review and editing services, with careful attention to timelines and deadlines. We can work with your in-house writing teams, as well as provide writing and editing services independently. In all the work we do, we pride ourselves on meeting our own high standards of clearer thinking and good scientific or technical writing.

“Curtisy has this unique ability to adapt the best of her expertise, knowledge and experience to your specific needs. As a result the products delivered generate great and sustainable results.”

Poisson-Caravajal Marie-Christine, Pfizer