Writing and Editing

Why Do Companies Turn to Working Words to Outsource Writing and Editing of Company Documents?

Because of our expertise as professional writers, editors, and copywriters, clients trust us to deliver clear, compelling communications that engage and persuade. You can rely on us to help you:

  • Present a professional image that reflects your expertise

  • Clearly communicate with stakeholders and team members

  • Educate a Variety of Audiences

  • Design effective training material

  • Increase acceptance of your ideas and proposals

Whether we’re helping you with corporate branding, writing blog or web copy, or creating videos and instructional materials, we follow a similar process. First, we work to get to know you, your company, and your needs—as well as what makes you unique. We ask questions until we understand the real message you want to convey—one that is specific, individual, and reflects who you are. It’s not a message that can be delivered with corporate buzzwords.

We know how to tell a story. When we’re writing video scripts or ghostwriting books and articles, we make sure to capture the story or message that’s uniquely yours.

We clarify what you mean to say.

Faithfulness to author intentions also guides our editing projects, whether the material is a technical report, a scientific manuscript, a poster presentation or slide deck, a clinical trial summary, or a CME course for health care providers.

We don’t try to rewrite you. Instead, we clarify what you mean to say, smoothing out awkward places and logical disconnects, and fixing lapses in grammar and punctuation. By this process, we bring out the important conclusions that are sometimes hidden in complex documents.

Whether we’re helping with marketing you or your company, or improving technical, medical, and scientific documents, we are focused on precision and clarity and ensuring that the information is accurately captured and effectively communicated.

“Working Words is our first choice for writing and editing assistance.”

Glenna Crooks, SageLife, LLC